Introducing the Kamori Warriors: a remarkable group of individuals who have risen as unwavering champions in the global battle against climate change, sustainability degradation, and the conservation of renewable resources. These extraordinary individuals have not only demonstrated remarkable bravery and resilience but have also become beacons of hope in their tireless efforts to mend and safeguard our precious planet. With a deep-rooted commitment to healing the Earth, the Kamori Warriors have harnessed their unique skills, knowledge, and unwavering determination to initiate transformative change across communities and ecosystems. Their dedication serves as an inspiration to us all, a reminder that each act, no matter how small, holds the power to repair, renew, and ultimately save our world. It is with the utmost honor that we recognize and celebrate the remarkable contributions of the Kamori Warriors, whose unwavering spirit embodies the very essence of Earth’s renewal.

For our first ever Warrior, we have chosen Kevin Thomson who lives on Vancouver Island in a small community called Courtenay, BC.
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