Kamori Warrior: Kevin Thomson

For our first ever Warrior, we have chosen Kevin Thomson who lives on Vancouver Island in a small community called Courtenay, BC.

Personal Vision: “I’m a kind, light-hearted playful creator of memorable moments. I provoke change and challenge the comfort zones of myself and others. I embrace wisdom, friendships, the elevation of happiness and the happiness of elevation. I am present and I am ready.”

SACRED SEAPLANTS (https://www.sacredseaplants.com/)

If you haven’t yet heard about the potential of seaweed to help humanity with high quality superfood nutrition, fertilizer, methane reduction, de-acidification of the ocean, bio-plastic, bio-fuel, textiles, batteries and even carbon sequestration, then you will soon.

Canada has the largest coastline in the world, and we cultivate approximately 0.01% of the annual global seaweed production. North America imports 97% of its seaweed from Asia, and we haven’t even begun to take advantage of all the properties of this amazing gift right in front of us. It is time.

I was exposed to aquaculture through Lindsay Christianson and we partnered to create Sacred Seaplants. We’ve spent 2022 in discussions with First Nations in BC and we are optimistic to have a farm in the waters of Haida Gwaii by winter 2023.

Our mission is to activate 1 million hectares of sea forests around the globe to rejuvenate marine ecosystems in coastal regions that need it the most.

Since our inception, we’ve identified initial prime areas on the west coast of North America Pacific Ocean.

We have permitting requirements in place, and continue to build relationships with Indigenous Nations.

We offer Seaforest Impact Activations with Sustainable Outcomes Agreements to help our partners achieve their leadership goals, ESG, CSR, and sustainability targets.

Our market-based approach to conservation enables you to purchase credits that preserve, rejuvenate, or restore natural ocean habitats.

As a result of our programs, Organizations can build a had a halo effect in earned media and become a leader in the Blue Economy.

Prior to founding Sacred Sea Plants, Kevin was the President and Chief Operating Officer of Plastic Bank (www.PlasticBank.com), focusing on Social Recycling helping the world’s most progressive companies and individuals steward the collection of ocean-bound plastic and empowering collection communities to thrive. The recycled plastic is reborn as Social Plastic® feedstock and used in the production of products and packaging – thus helping create new life for old plastic.

Thanks Kevin! .. you’ve earned a Kamori Warrior shield!

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