Satellite tracking devices like Motorola Defy, SPOT Gen4, and Garmin InReach Messenger, and Zoleo Communicator, have become vital tools for modern hikers, offering unparalleled connectivity and safety in remote and challenging environments. These devices utilize global satellite networks to provide reliable communication capabilities, allowing hikers to stay in touch with loved ones, share their location, and send distress signals even in areas with no cellular coverage. In the event of an emergency or unexpected circumstances, these devices enable direct communication with rescue services, expediting response times and potentially saving lives.

Furthermore, satellite tracking devices offer features such as two-way messaging, weather forecasts, and interactive maps, empowering hikers to make informed decisions and adjust their routes based on real-time information. In an era where exploration often takes us off the grid, these satellite tracking devices have emerged as indispensable companions, bridging the gap between adventure and safety, and enhancing the overall hiking experience.

We will take a look a 4 different but similar tracking/messenger devices and compare their features and pricing which will help you decide which device would best suit you and your individual needs. They are all excellent choices and by no means are they the only options available.

  • The parameters we chose is that each device had to:
    • Be small enough to fit in the palm of a hand.
    • Be waterproof.
    • Have some two-way messaging capabilities.
    • Have the ability to send its exact GPS location (but are not GPS devices).
    • Nice to have: breadcrumbs (tracking), but not necessary.

Click on the images below to visit the manufacture’s website:

Honourable Mention: SPOT Trace (no messaging) but this little tracker is affordable and great for your loved ones to track your progress. Or throw one in your vehicle to track its whereabouts ..

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